Sunday, December 1, 2013

A little catch up for 2013

Seriously...a year since a post?
Where did this year go? Oh my goodness.  I can't believe I have't posted in that long. Guess it is easy to say just a few words on Facebook.  But you can't get in to detail and you can't post many photos.

It has been a great year! I have taught at...

Vivi Magoo Art Retreat in Tucson, AZ in February
Vivi Magoo Art Retreat in Coronado, CA in May
Elizabeths Cottage by the Sea in Anacortes, WA in August
Squeezed in some summer shows in somehow.
And finished up at Art is You in Petaluma, CA for a grand finale!

Whew, that was a lot for me. Oh yes, that doesn't include two online workshops last summer with Artful Gathering! And I loved every minute of each retreat, and the on line workshops.  I have met some wonderful new ladies, and instructors, and loved the travel.

So what's the latest?
There is a new on line lab for beginners in jewelry, who want to try metals, hosted by Roses On Your Table, and it is called Simply Charming.
You can get the details about it here.
It runs on line until Feb. 1, 2014.

And if you missed my on line workshops with Artful Gathering the last two summers, you can purchase them HERE.  
Each workshop includes supply list, handouts, step by step instructions on the techniques I teach.  I loved making them, and I'm really proud of the outcome!  I've received great feedback on the quality and content.

Those workshops include:
Overcoming the Fear of Fire
Romantic Relic Frames
Whimsical Teensies
Sweet Tweets

So far, here is the line up... more to follow I believe.

Workshops coming up for 2014 include

Vivi Magoo Art Retreat in Tucson, AZ
February 7-9
information HERE

A workshop to be announced, in Los Angeles, CA
March 22, 2014

A workshop at Lexi Grezner's home in Los Gatos, CA
 Saturday May 3
then to the Alameda Flea Market for fun
Sunday May 4
information HERE

And then I will be teaching on line again with Artful Gathering, so excited to be invited back. Classes will be announced in a couple of months, and you can pre-register 

I hope to see you on line, or in person at one or more of these workshops!!

lots of love,

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