Sunday, December 16, 2012

Open for Registration


So much is going on in everyone's lives I am sure.  I know I am just zooming around like a crazy woman too!  But I wanted you to know about some really exciting things happening in this upcoming year, in case you would like to plan in advance, and why wouldn't you?  And, maybe that special Santa in your life is asking what you might like that would make you very happy for Christmas? 

What a year this is going to be for me!  I'm lining up some travel here.  Wow, teaching at retreats in Tucson, AZ, Coronado, CA and Petaluma, CA.  Looking forward to getting out there and meeting you in person! Here's the line up....

*  Vivi Magoo in Tucson, AZ in February is now open for registration.  You can sign up for specific classes at this time.  I've put some really fun classes together.  My classes are already getting a bit tight, so please sign up asap if you can.  They are limited in size to about 12, so they will be small and intimate classes, very hands on.  Here is the link for VIVI MAGOO IN TUCSON.  This little retreat is scheduled around the time of the Tucson Gem Show, it is fantastic if you have never been, I'm telling you!  I used to go regularly, and just stopped since I had so many gems and supplies. But I am so excited to go back and play, then teach.

*  Registration is now open as well for Vivi Magoo in May, in Coronado, California, it just opened up!  Same deal here, very small classes, and different than the ones in Tucson, very intimate and I have wonderful classes lined up.  You can pick your classes now.  So if you are interested check out the link.  VIVI MAGOO IN CORONADO.  The hotel is magical, you have to check it out. And the scenery in Coronado, be still my beating heart!!  I hope you can join us there.

*  Pre-registration is now open for ARTFUL GATHERING!  Yes, I have been invited back to do on line classes with Zinnia, and am so excited. What a learning curve that was to film, edit and turn out quality instructional videos for on line teaching last summer.  It was so much fun, I'm back for this summer.  You can pre-register now, get all the latest info, find out what the classes are when they are released (I'm really looking forward to these too), get to know the instructors through the newsletter, and stay in touch with the very latest that's going on until this summer, when the six week retreat launches.  I'm doing two classes so I hope you can join me.