Sunday, December 16, 2012

Open for Registration


So much is going on in everyone's lives I am sure.  I know I am just zooming around like a crazy woman too!  But I wanted you to know about some really exciting things happening in this upcoming year, in case you would like to plan in advance, and why wouldn't you?  And, maybe that special Santa in your life is asking what you might like that would make you very happy for Christmas? 

What a year this is going to be for me!  I'm lining up some travel here.  Wow, teaching at retreats in Tucson, AZ, Coronado, CA and Petaluma, CA.  Looking forward to getting out there and meeting you in person! Here's the line up....

*  Vivi Magoo in Tucson, AZ in February is now open for registration.  You can sign up for specific classes at this time.  I've put some really fun classes together.  My classes are already getting a bit tight, so please sign up asap if you can.  They are limited in size to about 12, so they will be small and intimate classes, very hands on.  Here is the link for VIVI MAGOO IN TUCSON.  This little retreat is scheduled around the time of the Tucson Gem Show, it is fantastic if you have never been, I'm telling you!  I used to go regularly, and just stopped since I had so many gems and supplies. But I am so excited to go back and play, then teach.

*  Registration is now open as well for Vivi Magoo in May, in Coronado, California, it just opened up!  Same deal here, very small classes, and different than the ones in Tucson, very intimate and I have wonderful classes lined up.  You can pick your classes now.  So if you are interested check out the link.  VIVI MAGOO IN CORONADO.  The hotel is magical, you have to check it out. And the scenery in Coronado, be still my beating heart!!  I hope you can join us there.

*  Pre-registration is now open for ARTFUL GATHERING!  Yes, I have been invited back to do on line classes with Zinnia, and am so excited. What a learning curve that was to film, edit and turn out quality instructional videos for on line teaching last summer.  It was so much fun, I'm back for this summer.  You can pre-register now, get all the latest info, find out what the classes are when they are released (I'm really looking forward to these too), get to know the instructors through the newsletter, and stay in touch with the very latest that's going on until this summer, when the six week retreat launches.  I'm doing two classes so I hope you can join me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where did the summer go?

OH MY!  
Where did the summer go?
Seems like I just got back to the island, and as I sit here to catch up with you, the summer has sped by.  I hope your's was as great at mine.

Quick run down:
*  did a show on the island at my home, San Juan Island Artists' Studio tour, first weekend of June

*  taught at Elisabeth's Cottage by the Sea in Anacortes, WA in June

*  next show was the Friday Harbor Arts Festival, in downtown Friday Harbor, mid July

* last show for the summer, the Anacortes Arts Festival, first weekend in August

*  then after all of that, taught two workshops in my studio, middle of August, and they were sold out, thanks ladies!

WHEW! Well, it was all a blast, and I was saving every last dime to go to Europe in September for a big birthday with girl friends.
And guess what??

We are going!!!  We leave on Sept. 16 for one week in Paris, then Venice, Florence, Orvietto and Rome.  I am sooooo excited!  

Thanks to all you amazing ladies for all your support and purchases!! You helped me get there for sure, along with all the Etsy purchases.  Wow, can't believe I'm going. Someone pinch me!

NOW...what does 2013 hold?

I am so excited to share that I will be teaching a lot more this year.  I might have to opt out of a show or two, we will see. Depends on when my next trip to Paris can be!!! 

But here is the line up right now, and there is more information at the links about these classes.

February 8-10 - Vivi Magoo Retreat at the Desert, Tucson, AZ,  Tucson Hilton

May 17-19 - Vivi Magoo Retreat by the Beach, Coronado, CA, hotel to be announced

And I have another in person teaching opportunity that will be announced soon.

I'm thrilled to be invited back to Artful Gathering for this coming summer.  There will be all new classes, geared to the beginner and intermediate student, all on line.

and there is more, that is still under wraps and in the works!

What a fun year this will be.
If you are already signed up for a class, I can't wait to see you.

If you haven't signed up but are thinking about it, do it soon!!

Anything sound good to you?


Monday, June 18, 2012

A brand new, premier on line workshop!

What could be better than a little fire, some soldering and gas?

A workshop about it,
with me!

Overcoming the Fear of Fire
on line workshop
July 15-August 25

The workshop is about helping you choose which torch will work for you in your jewelry making. I demo the use of butane torches, a few different kinds, as well as mixed gases. This is great learning experience for those who have never used a torch!

Hope to see you in class.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Magic of fire

What is MAGICAL,
 about FIRE, 
in making jewelry?

When you add a flame to your skills in making jewelry, it opens up a world of possibilities.

But do you know which torch to choose for your needs?

Is a micro butane torch enough?

Do you need MAPP gas, or mixed gases for your projects?

I am so excited to be bringing you a workshop, OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF FIRE with Artful Gathering, that will hopefully answer all these, and more, questions.

Artful Gathering is an all, online workshop.  
Registration is open now, and the workshop doesn't start until July 15, for six weeks.  I will be available on line to answer any questions you have, and help in any way I can.

So check it out!
Take the plunge!
Isn't it time to introduce soldering into your skills?

Fire is good!!

love and hugs,

Saturday, May 5, 2012


in Anacortes, WA
on June 16th
(includes kit)

I'm so excited about this!  Come play with us if you can.  The class is filling up fast I'm happy to report.  The setting is a lovely seaside village called Anacortes, in the Pacific Northwest, north of Seattle by an hour and a half.  It is a charming quaint little town with fabulous restaurants.  It has an amazingly beautiful historic hotel there called The Majestic Inn and Spa!  I stay there every year when I participate in the annual Anacortes Art Festival, a fabulous juried art show.

So Elisabeth, from Elisabeth's Cottage by the Sea, contacted me and asked if I could come on over the pond, since I have to take a ferry ride off my island to get there, and teach a workshop?  Well heck yes!  This is in my neck of the woods, so I jumped at the opportunity.

There are a limited supply of seats, so don't wait long to sign up.  There are a few of my Artful Gathering students already registered, so I get to meet them in person, and would love to meet you too!

This pendant is so much fun to make.  If you don't know how to solder with a butane torch yet, this is a great place to start.  All levels are welcome, and if you already know how, I will also show you how to attach rhinestone chain with a torch. Fun, fun!

Check out the printable flyer on my sidebar for more details, the skills you will learn and the materials/tools list.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or feel free to contact Elisabeth at 

Have a fabulous week!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Win a Workshop

Here is a chance to win an ON LINE workshop with me!

Hop over to and enter to win one of two workshops.  
I will be teaching these workshops at the on line retreat Artful Gathering, starting in June. Go to for more details.

And leave a comment to win.  Spread the word if you would, that would really help me out.
I would love to see you in one of my workshops. 
Thanks so much.

Here's a little promo they did advertising my classes.
There are so many wonderful classes to choose from as well.

The Artful Gathering Blog Hop is concluding! Be sure to visitJerry's Artarama Blog Page for the last two words in the collection. Winners will be announced on May 7.


Registered attendees will receive access to our private event starting May 3rd. Workshops will be available for purchase & kits will be offered by instructors for sale in their Etsy Stores. 
Join the fun!


Romantic Relic
Riki Schumacher
June 6 - July 17
Personalize your own unique customized relic frame while learning many creative  techniques at the same time.You'll be drilling, and soldering, and designing your way through this fun and in depth workshop. And, what's even more awesome is that it is appropriate for all levels. Get your feet wet in this fabulous art form, or add some new applications to your metalwork experience. Includes rich detail and demonstrations. 

Overcoming the Fear of Fire
July 15 - August 25
There are different types of torches used in soldering and metal  work, which one to get? Which one to use?
Big torch? Little torch? Maybe it's all just too scary to think about. No need to worry! Riki is here. Fire is good! Especially when you can use it to create so many beautiful works in a variety of metals. 

No reason to hesitate here, in this class Riki will introduce you to different types of torches used in metal work, along with some clearly demonstrated  examples as to how to use them and when.Overcome your fear of fire, and step into a whole new world of creating.

Art Workshops! Random Prize Drawings! Fun! Creativity! 

No Travel. No Fuss. 

We bring our Art Retreat to Your Computer

Workshop Spotlights....
Still Pursuing Portraits
Pam Carriker

Elements of Chinese Landscape Painting
Henry Li
Mixed Devotions
Cristina Zinnia Galliher
Up, Up, and Away
Iva Wilcox
We Love Our Sponsors...

Questions or Comments:
Hope to see you "in" class.  There will be opportunities for all the students to chat inside each classroom, and I will be there for the entire six weeks to answer any questions, and cheer you on.

Thanks, and good luck!

love and hugs,

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Soldering Video now available on DVD!

I just listed a few DVD's I made of my soldering video, inside my Etsy store.  I have been asked to make these, what a great idea!! This way you can tuck one of these away in your library of learning tools, and pull it out when you want it.  Just pop in into your computer, and voila, instant lessons!!

Hope you're having a creative and fun week!

love and hugs,


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guest Artist

A note about being an instructor...

I was a guest artist on Love My Art Jewelry, and wrote about what it is like for me to teach. 
This is a great website, go check it out if you  can.

I wanted to share something I thought might be of interest, so hope you do!

Here is the post.

Whom teaches who?
By Riki Schumacher

When asked by one of the amazingly talented contributors to Love My Art Jewelry blog, to write a post
as a guest artist, it was kind of a struggle to think about to say. What inspires me, what story might be
interesting to you about my life as an artist?

A journey, or an opportunity, or maybe a process, were fabulous suggestions. And after this recent
weekend’s experience of teaching, it flashed on me that I could write about all those things, and hopefully
you will find it useful.

I would like to share little insight about the “journey“of going from student…to instructor, and what I
learned from it.

Here are some pictures from this weekend’s class I taught with another instructor.
I hope the pictures speak a thousand words. Teaching is amazing!

Here’s a mom and daughter team.

Already friends.

Making new friends.

How have any of these students gained by taking this workshop?

I don’t know what each one did for sure. But from these smiles, they were having a ball. I can share what
I took away. Each and every time I teach, I am reminded of how important it is to “pay it forward”. After
about 12 years of traveling, taking workshops, and soaking up every blessed word I could from endless
instructors, it is finally a wonderful time to give back to this amazing industry. Making Art Jewelry is my
passion and teaching it is incredibly rewarding.

After taking classes with lots of instructors, you start to have your favorites, and your not so favorites.
From each class you have taken, did you walk away feeling the teacher was impartial? Did you learn
what you hoped to, in numerous ways? Did you have a blast? Were you disappointed for some reason?
Or were there too many students so you never got the attention and help you needed after traveling and
laying out much money?

I have had all of these things happen to me. And now, since teaching a couple years now, I try to reflect
on how my instructors shared, and how giving they were/are. I’m trying to learn from what I think were
their mistakes, which didn’t happen often. We are in an interesting and opportune period I think, this
day and age. There are thousands of baby boomers retiring every day, and given an opportunity to seek
out what they want to do in their leisure. I understand many students are not retired, and have limited
time to access classes. But, there are a lot of women, and men, following their passion from their youth,
whether they are retired or not. That means there are more opportunities to teach. That’s why it is really
important, to me, to get it right. After retiring from my profession of 20 years, I ran to the nearest jewelry
workshop I could find! I felt like a little sponge, soaking up every word that was fed in, and wanted to
master every technique I could wrap my little brain around.

So if you are a teacher now, or considering a career in instructing to the craft world, the main thing I
would like to stress is how rewarding it is. I learn so much from each class I teach. I gain as much, or
more, than the students. I am so grateful that each student has put their trust in me for one or two days,
and I know that they expect me to deliver as advertised. Each person in a class, paid good hard-earned
money to learn what techniques I promised to share. And not only learn techniques, but be made to feel
welcome and have fun. How can you possibly live up to all the expectations of each student?

After all the classes I’ve taken, and all the instructors I have learned from, as well as my history as an
instructor, here is my two cents on a little recipe for success in teaching. A little dash of each, leads to a

fabulous gourmet class!

say it
show it
be passionate
you can’t be perfect, stop trying

If you listen as much as you talk, you will answer all their questions. I often tell my grand
daughter, open your ears and shut your mouth. She doesn’t but that’s okay, she hears it!

If you are having fun, they will. You set the tone of the class.

If you are practiced and honed your craft, you can demonstrate each technique with ease, 
and explain it well.

If you believe in what you are doing, they will share the passion. Be sincere in your intentions.

And don’t act like you are perfect. You are going to make mistakes so embrace them. We all learn
from mistakes, and who needs the added pressure?

And for people taking workshops who are reading this, let your instructor know what they did right, and
where they really kicked it in. Feedback is so important, we will learn from that, hopefully!

This can be a successful recipe for on line and e-workshops workshops as well. As an instructor, you can
bring all these elements to your students on line. You just can’t reach out and touch them. But you can
share equally, and deliver the same quality of teaching as if you were there in person.

Look at yourself; look at the way you instruct.
Would you want to take your class??

Happy instructing. And have fun attending workshops. Have fun doing what ever you do.
You really never know if you’ll be here tomorrow.

Love and hugs,