Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vice Petite

Introducing my
Vice Petite!

Ladies, tired of those cramped hands while trying to solder??  I was! So I made up some new little gadgets to relieve some of the problem.

My little Vice Petite is hand made, right here in the USA, in my backyard!  WH and I whipped up a few prototypes, okay, many, and voila!  We have a handy, dandy little third hand holder for your soldering iron projects.

You could make one of these, OR go to the hardware store about 50 times like we did to get the right everything!!  What a pain that was.

But, I'm thrilled with the outcome.

You just position your piece in the opening, move the sliding piece forward, tighten it down and it makes a nice, secure, but soft bed for your project.

Then you can rotate your work however you like, since I used really lightweight wood.  I chose one of my favorite blues, and painted these girls up pretty for you!

How do you like the name I chose?  I put "small vice" into a translator converting English to French, and it read "vice petite", so that's what the name will be for this little sweetie.

To read more about it you can visit my Esty store here.

Thanks for looking, hope you are having an exceptional day, whatever that might be.




  1. Well just how clever are you Riki? I was watching a Stampington video 2 days ago and did ask myself how could you secure the piece to solder and that was
    the first time I had ever seen it done anyway. I would so love to have a go but, as you know, Riki I really am addicted to fabric and lace which I am trying to treat!
    Have a great day!

  2. I just learned how to solder, and I love it. I think this vice is a great idea!!! I sure would love to be able to attend one of your classes but I'm in Ut. I'm now a follower, so maybe one day I'll head out to Ca and take a class!!
    Thanks for sharing your sharp idea!!

  3. Wonderful idea Riki!!Have a great week.

  4. I went to your Etsy hoping I could purchase your way cool handy dandy vice..none there? Will you be selling them? Or was it to show me how to make one? Love your blog, I'm a new follower.

  5. What a fabulous gadget. Sometimes the best ideas come from simple needs.

  6. I want it! As Diana can attest, I'm soldering challenges (2nd degree FUN!). So, actually, I NEED it! Very cool (and hot) idea.